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Cooling the Body

A Review Of Today's Cooling Technologies
Working in hot and confined environments can create heat stress--a dangerous condition that can cause slowed reaction times, reduced energy, and difficulties with attention. This results in reduced safety, decreased efficiency, and an overall loss of productivity.

To help prevent heat stress, many personal cooling technologies have been developed for the workplace. These can range from spot coolers to fluid-chilled systems to passive ice vests.

Which is right for you? What are the pros and cons of each type of technology? In this guide, we'll review each of today's personal cooling technologies and give you an overview of the features and benefits of each. You'll be able to compare the technologies and choose the one that's best for your application.

To set the stage, we'll first give you a brief overview of how the body cools. You'll also learn how the lack of proper cooling can affect the body, as well as how to monitor your workplace for heat stress conditions.

We've included an evaluation survey to help you assess your workplace and your needs. Use it together with the comparative technology information to help you determine the best personal cooling technology for your application.